If you are new or visiting us for the first time, WELCOME TO CHURCH!

To ensure that you will have a great first-time experience with us, here is some information that may be helpful for you during your visit.

How do I learn more about JPCC?
Drop by our CONNECTIONS AREA before or after the service. Our volunteers will be more than happy to assist you.

How can I join a service at JPCC?
You can check our Sunday services schedule at our website (home), choose the one that is most suitable for you, and arrive at least 30 minutes before the service starts.

Does JPCC have any English services?
No, all our services are conducted in Bahasa Indonesia, however we provide English translation at every service (Mandarin translation only at The Kasablanka 11:45 am service) using individual interpreter devices that you can request from our volunteers.

How can I get more information about events at JPCC?
We have MyJPCC app available at App Store or Play Store where we update our latest events. Feel free to create your personalized MyJPCC account to keep yourself updated with the news and events from JPCC.

How can I give my offering at JPCC?
We don’t have offering time during services, but you can give through:
The offering boxes (for cash) located throughout the facility,
bank cards at our CONNECTIONS AREA,
wire transfer to JKI/JKT Praise Comm Church - BCA 0713008441,
or via MyJPCC app.

How can I get more involved in JPCC? How can I be a member of JPCC?
The first step of our Discipleship Journey is by being planted in our small groups called DATE. It is the place where we grow together as a community of believers. If you would like to know more or join a DATE, please visit our DATE page.

How can I volunteer in JPCC?
We believe that serving comes from the abundance of heart and starts from living a life discipled and planted in God's truth. That is why in JPCC, all volunteers need to be first planted in DATE and are recommended by their DATE Leaders.

How do I learn more about Christianity?
If you are new to Christianity, please head over to this website's home page and find the introduction to Christianity. We encourage you to also join a DATE (small group) where you will find a place and people who will help you on your journey. You  can also join Community of Believers (COB) classes scheduled periodically along the year. You can see COB classes schedule in MyJPCC app.