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Small Groups


If you have been attending our services regularly, the next step in the Discipleship Journey is to join one of our small groups or DATE.

DATE is a second home where you can grow, practice your faith, and see lives changed. DATE stands for Discipled, Accepted, Anointed, Trained and Equipped.

In DATE, people are discipled, accepted as they are, surrendered their lives to be led by the Holy Spirit (Anointed), trained to develop their potential (Trained) and equipped with the truth of God's Word and JPCC values (Equipped).

There are four DATE categories:
  • College Student (18 - 21 years old)
  • General (21 - 50 years old)
  • Married Couple
  • Senior (51+ years old)
Want to join a DATE? Follow these steps!
  1. Sign up and login to MyJPCC App on your phone (available for download at Google Play and Apple Store).
  2. Click “DATE”.
  3. Search for a DATE based on the category, area, and location.
  4. Select a DATE that fits your preference.
  5. Fill all the questions and contact your future DATE Leader, according to the information that is provided.


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