Our Leaders

  • Ps. Jeffrey & Angela Rachmat

    Senior Pastor

    Jeffrey Rachmat is the founding and senior pastor of Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC). He is also a sought-after speaker across Indonesia and internationally on topics such as leadership, relationship, marriage and business. His book, “Permainan Cantik” has been reprinted six times in Indonesia, and is available in English with the title “The Art of Winning.” Jeffrey and his wife Angela have three children.

    Twitter @JeffreyRachmat @AngelaRachmat

  • Ps. Jose & Hanna Carol

    Senior Associate Pastor

    Jose Carol returned to Indonesia in 1999 after studying and working in Germany for 14 years. Currently he is serving as the Senior Associate Pastor of Jakarta Praise Community Church. Jose's passion is to see the people of God living excellent lives to influence the marketplace with the message of truth. Jose and his wife Hanna have two children

    Twitter @JoseCarol @hchannacarol

  • Ps. Alvi & Mia Radjagukguk

    Small Group Pastor

    Alvi Radjagukguk’s greatest passion is to see every believer planted, mature, and disciple others through small groups. Alvi is also a worship leader in JPCC Worship. Alvi and his wife Mia have two beautiful daughters.

    Twitter @AlviRadjagukguk @MiaRadjagukguk

  • Ps. Sidney & Etha Mohede

    Network Pastor

    Sidney Mohede is widely recognized as one of the most influential worship leaders and Christian songwriters in Indonesia today. Recently Sidney's songs have begun to be recognized by the churches around the world, such as “Hosanna (Be Lifted High)” and “It Is Done”. Sidney is also serving as the creative producer of JPCC Worship projects. He currently travels to minister as well as to be an ambassador for the church and the nation, while networking and connecting with global churches. Sidney and his wife Etha have three children.

    Twitter @SidMohede

  • Ps. Jussar & Mara Badudu

    Family Care Pastor & Service Pastor

    Jussar Badudu has a deep passion to build Christ-centered families that apply biblical parenting methods. Jussar is also a worship leader in JPCC Worship. Currently Jussar is also serving as the Service Pastor for The Kasablanka services. Jussar and his wife Mara are blessed with two children.

    Twitter @JussarBadudu @MaraBadudu

  • Ps. Johannes & Anita Thelee

    Young Adults Pastor & Service Pastor

    Johannes Thelee’s passion is to see all believers find their call and make an impact. Currently Johannes heads the Young Adults Ministry in JPCC and as the Service Pastor for services at the UpperRoom Jakarta. Johannes is also a worship leader in JPCC Worship. Johannes and his wife Anita have two children.

    Twitter @JohannesThelee

  • Ps. Ihsan & Tinny Gani

    Marriage & Relationships Pastors

    Ihsan Gani has been planted in JPCC since 2001. He started his ministry as one of the first small group leaders in 2003. Since 2009, Ihsan and his wife Tinny, have been entrusted to facilitate the Marriage Ministry, where they help prepare young couples to enter a healthy marriage life. They minister to married couples by providing marriage classes, workshops and seminars. Currently Ihsan also serves as Associate Service Pastor for The Kasablanka services. Ihsan and Tinny have four children.

    Twitter @IhsanGani @Tmuljani